Cryptographic protocols are communication protocols which are designed to provide security assurances of various kinds, using cryptographic mechanisms. Classic assurances include confidentiality, message integrity, and more recent research includes anonymity assurances. The term "protocol" is used in a wide sense, to include off-line arrangements such as encryption of e-mailتصنيف:بروتوكول تشفير es:Categoría:Protocolos de cifrado fa:رده:پروتکل‌های رمزنگاری fr:Catégorie:Protocole cryptographique ko:분류:암호 프로토콜 id:Kategori:Protokol kriptografi it:Categoria:Protocolli crittografici nl:Categorie:Cryptografisch protocol pl:Kategoria:Protokoły kryptograficzne fi:Luokka:Salausprotokollat vi:Thể loại:Giao thức mật mã zh:Category:加密协议

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